Development – Rewriting the material system 01

Another day and another blog on the development of skyline.

We have decided after working closely with our users that the current material system is not efficient enough and requires too much work in order to get your assets into skyline and ready to use in the game. This is caused by material files containing multiple materials inside them which ends up with duplicate resources when sharing meshes with the same material names.

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Aurasoft UK (Skyline Game Engine) are official partners with OSVR

Over the past few months we have been in contact with the VR industry driven open source initiative known as OSVR to integrate their technology into the Skyline Game Engine to enable their new product called the Hacker Dev Kit(HDK available in July 2015) and all other HMD’s in their supporter network to be compatible with Skyline to create fully immersive 3D games & applications.

What is very interesting is that most hardware that supports OSVR will also be compatible with Skyline. This also works the other way around where the content developers supporting OSVR have another technological avenue to support their software development.

To further the interests of VR and Game Development, Aurasoft UK is now an OSVR Partner.

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New Skyline Development Blog – The Written Journey Begins


Hi Friends we have decided after a few community requests to set up a development blog to post our current tasks and musings.

If we come across any interesting technology or art information that would be of use with game tech or it just floats our boat we will write about it here. So basically anything from game development to art and imagery, well that is the plan and you know what they say about the “best laid plans etc….” lol

We decided to go for the blog route rather than posting to the forums (here: Skyline Forums) as it enables users to browse any previous articles and we think it will be more time effective for us.