Development – Rewriting the material system – 03 Final

Well, i have finally managed to get around to writing this blog of the final installation on rewriting the material system for skyline which there is much too talk about from texture drag and drop to baking or sharing materials and quite a bit more.

To get started, there are a number of features i would like to cover with you that have been implemented into the system or written from scratch.

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Artists Guide to Lua Part-2

Ready for the next installment of the Lua introduction tutorial, “Oh no not more learning” I hear you say. A few more basic bits of information then we can just dig in and get our hands dirty with some practical examples and get you making dynamic Skyline scenes.

All this information will be repeated over and over again in the upcoming practical examples, but don’t worry about terminology as it’s more important to know how to use the features and what they do rather than know what they are called.
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Skyline Game Showcase – RC Helicopter WIP 01

This time we haven’t got a development feature to show you, but we do have the very first game showcase.

The game’s current development name is “RC Helicopter”. RC stands for Radio controlled. We know this isn’t radio controlled but the craft modeled is alike to a real RC heli version.

What the idea of this project is to create a level where you have to fly through a certain amount of pickups in a certain amount of time which would be the flight time of an RC Helicopter’s battery life. If you have ever flown one in real life, then you will know that they usually last around 5 minutes.

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Artists Guide to Lua Part-1

Skyline uses the industry standard Lua with most of the standard lua features available. On top of this Skyline ships with a large set of interface libraries providing script access to many of Skylines core features to enable you to leaver the most out of the toolset.

“I am not a scripter and never really got my head around code.”

“I am not a scripter and never really got my head around code.” We hear this quite often as many people we have met are art driven, but being just an artist in todays game development environment can slow you down with seeing your ideas come to life. We developed Skyline to be as artist driven as possible as we don’t want to spend ages scripting, but there are time when you just can not get away without some code!

This is where I see you run away screaming you won’t get me coding!

This is where I see you run away screaming you won’t get me coding!
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Skyline Particle Editor Part-2

Well after much effort and fighting the general day to day tasks I managed to get enough time to complete the first phase of the particle editor. Whilst making the final changes we had a meeting to discuss our user recommendations and decided to give the task a bit more time. I know there are some of you who will be very happy to hear that the particle editor is way more friendly to use and will encourage experimentation which can now be saved with the scene, not just to a file.

The particle workflow is now very intuitive and can have many variations without the need to save to a special particle file if required.

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Skyline Website Update

Some time has been allocated to spruce up the main Skyline website, well mostly the front home page. Now you can scroll down for some information and a new slider image was added. The new information is related to our OSVR partnership and integration. Over time we aim to get the home site looking better and have more information to help passers by gain insight into our Skyline game engine and what it can do for them.

If you would like to see what changes have been made head over to the Home page and scroll down : Skyline Website

Development – Rewriting the material system 02

With our internet crisis seeming to be resolved, I have decided to write another blog on the development of the new material system which we are rewriting due to the old one being to hard to use. Please read the first blog post to get an idea of the new system design here

In this update, we have very good news on the development as we now have what looks to be a usable system. By this, i don’t mean that it is usable by an end user such as yourself but more-so usable by us developers which signifies this system is worth completing and developing further. We call it a prototype.

The system now allows for any sub material to be changed simply by dragging and dropping the material of choice from the asset manager onto the submesh slot.
This then changes the “Material Sub Data” property to store what material is assigned to what submesh as all the “Material” button does now is opens the new panel which displays all the sub materials associated with the sceneEntity.

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Slow Internet…..

So, we have got a couple of blog posts to write up, some with a video but our internet speed has been crippled as we have a “major service outage” as said by BT(our ISP).
With some luck, we hope to have it back online by thursday.. we hope lol.
Just wanted to keep all you readers up to date :)

As for development, the particle system is coming a long way and the material system rewrite is starting to look promising.

Till next time then… happy developing.

Skyline Particle Editor Part-1

Whilst developing a simple game for a tutorial ( more about this later )  I noticed that you could not easily attach a Skyline particle to an object! like you can with the Particle universe type.

The SkyParticle was an early system designed before the modular actions when everything had to have its own base class. This needed to change!

We now have a upgradable SkyParticle action which can now be developed and expanded but most of all is easy to now add any skyparticle effect to your game objects. Think of ammo crates with  its glowing “I am over here” effect, just add the skyparticle action set the file and away you go.

Whilst working in this area I will make it more obvious how to edit your effect, I hear your cries of “about time!” So I will put aside some time for tidying up the particle editor and incorporating some of the ideas you guys have suggested 😉