AI – Dynamic Scripts Progress

Animal Evade

Had some time to settle down and get some of the character scripts developed. Spent some time on the animal evade script, I had made one in the past but some how it wandered out of my library and got lost. But this was for the best as I had the chance to re-write it and made a better version that could easily be changed into a predator chase script.

So the main thing for an evasion script is to be able to first detect the closest predator target and then through some vector magic be able to steer the character controller in the opposite direction to the chasing turning direction. This ensures that the evading animal always moves out of reach of the predator.

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Character Development – Import a Fuse Character into Skyline Part-2

Welcome to part two of this exciting installment, well may be not that exciting but with this knowledge you will be creating some exciting games with your new characters taking center stage.
We have already looked at how to get our characters from Fuse to the mixamo website and back to the computer complete with animations. If you are unsure what this is all about I do recommend that you read part 1 of this tutorial to bring you up to speed, as in the following sections we will be bringing life to your creations and have them running around inside your Skyline scene. Piece of cake! no really, its not that hard I will show you how.

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Character Development – Import a Fuse Character into Skyline Part-1


Skyline new and improved asset workflow also gives you a speedy import pipeline for your characters, although the best results are gained by using FBX but the other formats still can bring success generally with a few extra steps in the import process. So in this tutorial we will be working with FBX models from a well known character development toolset – Mixamo Fuse.


Many of you will already own or if not, will have seen the Fuse character toolset out there in cyberspace. Fuse is a friendly tool that will have you making characters from Urban city folk to Zombies, Orcs and Dwarfs etc. You can get a free version which will be great for this tutorial as we will be covering importing into Skyline rather than creating your own character as there are many tutorial on this out there. Download Free Fuse here!

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New Skyline Release V0.9.6 – auto update

Well after many weeks of pain and finally getting back into development, we have the new release which features the new material system and particle system which have both been rewritten.
We have also added a new prepare folder for skyline option that speeds up the asset importing pipeline many times over.

See the changelog here: Skyline V0.9.6 Release notes

and visit earlier blog posts for the rewrite developments.

Thanks again for using skyline and we hope you upgrade to this new version and continue to support us :)