Skyline is now running with DX11

Hi Everyone,

We have got a small but great piece of news to share.
With today’s efforts, Skyline is up and running with DX11 despite missing many features and code as we have had to rip the engine to pieces to find the parts that can be upgraded to the new API code. Its taken 2 weeks to strip the code and convert to the newer Renderer version but we have successfully got the first renders in the scene using DX11!!!!!!!!!

Already we have shadows working using PSSM, which offer a much better resolution shadow and one that does not distort when the camera looks up or down creating a cleaner render of the scene.
This blog is simply to keep you all informed of the progress so far and there is not really much we can show atm until we get the main asset import pipeline working again in which we will be showcasing the new Physically based rendering by creating a set of materials that look … well.. physically real lol 😛

Its a slow job, but we are heading towards the end goal we are all wishing for.

StarFire is still working on the version of skyline you are all running improving the Visual Modules and developing the Game Object Toolbox which is designed to get the mechanics for many games quickly and easily with a high level of customization using the dynamic Properties.

Ok enjoy your developments and see you all next time.

Happy New Year!

Hello fellow Skyline Developers.

We hope you enjoyed the holiday festive season as we certainly have. Its been good to take a break, relax enjoy the festivities and think how the next year of skyline is going to go, which there is a lot to do this year.

One of our starting jobs is upgrading the renderer to DX11, OpenGL 3+ and adding new HDR pipelines with PBR(Physically based rendering) and IBL. This change however is massive and is going to take some time and we will be updating the current version of the engine at the same time to keep new features going out for you all to play with.

Over the holidays, we have played games such The Witcher 3, Dragon Age: Inquisition and have been looking at levels of rendering and we have taken note of a few things to enhance our current outdoor visuals to make skyline look better.

On top of this, we still have work like networking, lightmapping, Android, scene editing & grouping etc… and much more to create a complete toolset, but with the support of all our community, i am sure we will get there.

Networking has took a backseat yet again due to more important tasks, but this does not stop games being made using this feature until it is ready as there are many aspects to all games that need worked on and covered.

Lightmapping has been looked into, but we will be building this into the new rendering system instead of the current one, but in itself it is a large task.

There is a lot of research to do on all these modern rendering techniques and we have sifted through many a website and white papers to understand the complexities of these systems.

Anyway, Its good to start the year with a new blog and we wish you all a Happy new year and hope that all your projects go smoothly and that everyone can spread the word about skyline to bring more users and supporters :)

Thanks again 😀