Skyline Game Engine v0.9.9.10 + Gen2 Recap + Pre Release for Public

Hi Friends,
Well, its been some time since we last updated and wrote a blog, but fear not, it hasn’t been without its advantages which you are all about to find out.
So much has changed and happened in the past month work and previous months that its given me RSI just to write this information out. But i believe all users will be happy with the results of the changes and hope to receive as much feedback as possible so that we can finally release a v1.0 skyline to the public and exit Beta status for good. Hooray!

Since so much has changed in the past month, we have had to create a write up about the these changes.

Game Manager

While we were developing the new end game for Gen2, we came across a problem when we got to storing multi level information and the answer was to abstract another level of skyline that can run as a container to the rest of the levels. This is called the game manager and it is so so easy to use!

What it allows is to script at a lower level as your game is running, for example, when a scene is loaded; a function in the game manager script is called at the start of loading and at the end of loading. This enables you to change loading screens per scene without having to have other scenes to handle the inbetween stages like we previously had to.
At the same time, we had the thought; “how do handle a load and save system if all we have was the sceneScript as the lowest level?” This brought the problem of duplicating code per level and having to load and save data as we move from scene to scene which would just become a management nightmare.
And so, the game manager saved our bacon again as we have 2 simple functions that allow you to save a JSON file into the Users Documents folder that takes a single array of data to output and read back in in less that 50 lines of code. The default pause menu has all the menu code built in and all the hooks that any game manager using the default script will be able to take advantage of.

Because of the game manager, it also simplified the whole process of exporting a game as before on Gen1, every time you wanted to export the game, you had to enter the game details, such as game name, window title, icon for the game and of course what scenes needed exported…. everytime you say.. what a pain! The game manager stores all this data into a single file that is loaded when a level is loaded allowing an infinite amount of levels and games to be exported by any number of game managers.

To make it easier, we also created a brand new Panel in the main editor for creating and managing your game manager files. You set the data up, save, then continue editing or export your game… super simples! XD

Game Manager Panel_ExportGamePanel

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