Gen2 Demo Game part-3 (Code Name The veil)

Hi Friends,
For the next gripping installment of Skyline Gen2 demo mini game we are going to start using the code name – The Veil. 
We do have a bigger game IP in mind and have been waiting for 5 years to finally get started on it. So we decided that as Gen2 looks and runs great we could finally start working on our own game, obviously this would have to be in between the many tasks that Skyline calls upon us to perform.
So the gen2 mini game now to be referred to as “The Veil” will be a test bed for atmosphere, the main game mechanics and performance loading.
In this game update we will uncover the new Gen Post Effects.

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Skyline Gen 2 – The first Demo level!

Hi Friends,

Been a while but back into full development mode for me, SP has been doing a great job with all of the low level rendering upgrades whilst I have been dealing with other issues that life and the universe throws in our path.

Ok what have we been up to?
To find out more and to look at some nice in development level screen grabs please continue reading 😉
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Skyline Game Engine V0.9.7.7 Release

Hi Friends,
After moving heaven and earth we have fought off the hordes of invaders that have threatened the sacred lands and the modules of power have been gathered. But seriously its been a long time in  getting to you, we are now happy to present new Skyline Update

This update has many module editor improvements and loads of new modules to make the visual mechanics system fully usable. We have put the new modules to good use by developing a new powerful FPS System which is not only expandable for Skylines core but easy for you to customise and adapt to your game. So without further ado lets take a tour of some of the new features you have now got in your new update.

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Dragon Rider VR

To see the two of us jumping around like children at 3am in the morning must mean something positive and significant happened to us. It was one of those moments that empowers us to keep pushing forwards even when we don’t feel like it.

So what am I talking about? well just best I start at the beginning……

In the beginning.

As you all know we have been developing Skyline with the aim to be able to make releasable games quickly.  Every now and then you get a glimpse of this power but then it’s generally quashed with so many problems that we are thrown back into deep development awaiting the day we can attempt an idea again. Last week was thankfully not one of these times.

This quick journey was started five days ago on the back of the 0.9.7 release when we were asked to create a demo for the OSVR headset. we thought yeah we can do that, then we realized we only had a week left to finalise the OSVR Skyline integration and create a complete stand alone game package eek!


The demo idea was broken down into five stages and we discussed what we could possibly achieve for each stage. We knew early on that our vision would have to be watered down a little and made into a realistic goal. These stages were then shoehorned into the week ahead but necessarily a stage per day as all tasks were juggled in between other jobs and we tackled only what was needed at that moment to keep the project moving forwards.
Our idea was to create a fantasy flight on the back of a dragon through a huge landscape filled with dragons and mages who would try to stop us reaching our destination, great idea for a game too 😉

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Visual Mechanics Engine in v0.9.7

It’s been a long time in development but we are happy to announce Skyline has had a major new addition to the mechanics scripting system in the form of the Visual Mechanics Editor ( Visual Modules ).to be released in the Skyline version 0.9.7 version. This new editor enables users with zero coding knowledge to be able to create dynamic scenes and games, not only is it not Scripting! its a fast and error free method with only a small learning curve. Once you understand the flow of the graph then it is possible for you to create almost anything by wiring a few blocks ( modules ) together. The system has been designed from the ground up to be a visual tools and as such all wires and modules are color coded for easy overview.

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Mechanics – Action based Activate Message

All games need some sort of interaction with the player character. So far in Skyline we have the new character scripts to make it easy to get started with your character development but how do we make the character interact with items in the world and present feedback to the player.

Sensors, triggers and distance calculations are all tools of the mechanics developer. These widgets provide the means to send system event to the players scripts and actions where the developer can add their own code to make something cool happen when one of these events are received. Skyline has access to these cool event toys, both in action form and in Lua plus the forthcoming visual mechanics system. I have seen some cool Lua code that a few users has written to create player interactivity and though I would give it a try without using much Lua script and focusing on the available actions.

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September 2015 Development

Wow just finally got a few minutes to get a small blog out to let you guys know what we are upto. So much has been happening lately and we are not getting any time to lift our heads and take a look at the world around us. Just seen the trees outside starting to change colour so this must mean the end of our very wet and windy summer. Generally summer is a time of slower development, what we did not get that memo!! Flat out all the way for us, slaves to the Skyline Goddess for sure.

So what does this mean for you? We have been cooking up some cool new user front end to the visual mechanics system, and it now looks the dogs dangly bits some thing I think you will be proud of. Many bugs and workflow usability stuff has also been worked on making the visual mechanics a new Skyline feature. There are still a few more tests and new modules to create but it will be released in the next update.

Talking of updates, we are also trying to get a 64bit version of Skyline ready so you can take advantage of the unlimited scene object count, no more “Sorry you have reached the max number of scene entities!” Big scenes are a thing of now, so big ram users can now truly benefit from their systems. The new scene object pool has also make Skyline more ram friendly as it now requires less startup memory. This has been a huge change to the core code base and a lot of time in making it stable but in doing so makes Skyline even more fun to use.
Also the update has many new fixes most of all it works with win10 ( LOL what a joke! ). What time we had off has been spent fixing our PC systems to keep them running after the win 10 update, there has been so many tears and paddies as the systems decided to slowly crap out and self implode lol!

We have been improving the character system actions such as “weapons shoot” and “Damage” to make a cool Third person shooter system. So you will be able to quickly get a TP shooter
character running around your level. There is so much still to do with the character stuff and depending upon time to release we will get in as many character features as possible. I will post a blog about the character development soon and chat about some of the problems game developers can encounter when creating their own third person character systems. This will be just reference for you to read as we have done the hard work for you. 😉

uh oh! the sound of my chains being rattled, the oracle has noticed me missing from my developer station, better sneak back before my absence is reported to the Goddess. See you next time, happy Skylining! 😀

AI – Dynamic Scripts Progress

Animal Evade

Had some time to settle down and get some of the character scripts developed. Spent some time on the animal evade script, I had made one in the past but some how it wandered out of my library and got lost. But this was for the best as I had the chance to re-write it and made a better version that could easily be changed into a predator chase script.

So the main thing for an evasion script is to be able to first detect the closest predator target and then through some vector magic be able to steer the character controller in the opposite direction to the chasing turning direction. This ensures that the evading animal always moves out of reach of the predator.

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Character Development – Import a Fuse Character into Skyline Part-2

Welcome to part two of this exciting installment, well may be not that exciting but with this knowledge you will be creating some exciting games with your new characters taking center stage.
We have already looked at how to get our characters from Fuse to the mixamo website and back to the computer complete with animations. If you are unsure what this is all about I do recommend that you read part 1 of this tutorial to bring you up to speed, as in the following sections we will be bringing life to your creations and have them running around inside your Skyline scene. Piece of cake! no really, its not that hard I will show you how.

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Character Development – Import a Fuse Character into Skyline Part-1


Skyline new and improved asset workflow also gives you a speedy import pipeline for your characters, although the best results are gained by using FBX but the other formats still can bring success generally with a few extra steps in the import process. So in this tutorial we will be working with FBX models from a well known character development toolset – Mixamo Fuse.


Many of you will already own or if not, will have seen the Fuse character toolset out there in cyberspace. Fuse is a friendly tool that will have you making characters from Urban city folk to Zombies, Orcs and Dwarfs etc. You can get a free version which will be great for this tutorial as we will be covering importing into Skyline rather than creating your own character as there are many tutorial on this out there. Download Free Fuse here!

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Artists Guide to Lua Part-2

Ready for the next installment of the Lua introduction tutorial, “Oh no not more learning” I hear you say. A few more basic bits of information then we can just dig in and get our hands dirty with some practical examples and get you making dynamic Skyline scenes.

All this information will be repeated over and over again in the upcoming practical examples, but don’t worry about terminology as it’s more important to know how to use the features and what they do rather than know what they are called.
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Artists Guide to Lua Part-1

Skyline uses the industry standard Lua with most of the standard lua features available. On top of this Skyline ships with a large set of interface libraries providing script access to many of Skylines core features to enable you to leaver the most out of the toolset.

“I am not a scripter and never really got my head around code.”

“I am not a scripter and never really got my head around code.” We hear this quite often as many people we have met are art driven, but being just an artist in todays game development environment can slow you down with seeing your ideas come to life. We developed Skyline to be as artist driven as possible as we don’t want to spend ages scripting, but there are time when you just can not get away without some code!

This is where I see you run away screaming you won’t get me coding!

This is where I see you run away screaming you won’t get me coding!
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Skyline Particle Editor Part-2

Well after much effort and fighting the general day to day tasks I managed to get enough time to complete the first phase of the particle editor. Whilst making the final changes we had a meeting to discuss our user recommendations and decided to give the task a bit more time. I know there are some of you who will be very happy to hear that the particle editor is way more friendly to use and will encourage experimentation which can now be saved with the scene, not just to a file.

The particle workflow is now very intuitive and can have many variations without the need to save to a special particle file if required.

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Skyline Website Update

Some time has been allocated to spruce up the main Skyline website, well mostly the front home page. Now you can scroll down for some information and a new slider image was added. The new information is related to our OSVR partnership and integration. Over time we aim to get the home site looking better and have more information to help passers by gain insight into our Skyline game engine and what it can do for them.

If you would like to see what changes have been made head over to the Home page and scroll down : Skyline Website

Skyline Particle Editor Part-1

Whilst developing a simple game for a tutorial ( more about this later )  I noticed that you could not easily attach a Skyline particle to an object! like you can with the Particle universe type.

The SkyParticle was an early system designed before the modular actions when everything had to have its own base class. This needed to change!

We now have a upgradable SkyParticle action which can now be developed and expanded but most of all is easy to now add any skyparticle effect to your game objects. Think of ammo crates with  its glowing “I am over here” effect, just add the skyparticle action set the file and away you go.

Whilst working in this area I will make it more obvious how to edit your effect, I hear your cries of “about time!” So I will put aside some time for tidying up the particle editor and incorporating some of the ideas you guys have suggested 😉

New Skyline Development Blog – The Written Journey Begins


Hi Friends we have decided after a few community requests to set up a development blog to post our current tasks and musings.

If we come across any interesting technology or art information that would be of use with game tech or it just floats our boat we will write about it here. So basically anything from game development to art and imagery, well that is the plan and you know what they say about the “best laid plans etc….” lol

We decided to go for the blog route rather than posting to the forums (here: Skyline Forums) as it enables users to browse any previous articles and we think it will be more time effective for us.