Skyline Game Engine v0.9.9.10 + Gen2 Recap + Pre Release for Public

Hi Friends,
Well, its been some time since we last updated and wrote a blog, but fear not, it hasn’t been without its advantages which you are all about to find out.
So much has changed and happened in the past month work and previous months that its given me RSI just to write this information out. But i believe all users will be happy with the results of the changes and hope to receive as much feedback as possible so that we can finally release a v1.0 skyline to the public and exit Beta status for good. Hooray!

Since so much has changed in the past month, we have had to create a write up about the these changes.

Game Manager

While we were developing the new end game for Gen2, we came across a problem when we got to storing multi level information and the answer was to abstract another level of skyline that can run as a container to the rest of the levels. This is called the game manager and it is so so easy to use!

What it allows is to script at a lower level as your game is running, for example, when a scene is loaded; a function in the game manager script is called at the start of loading and at the end of loading. This enables you to change loading screens per scene without having to have other scenes to handle the inbetween stages like we previously had to.
At the same time, we had the thought; “how do handle a load and save system if all we have was the sceneScript as the lowest level?” This brought the problem of duplicating code per level and having to load and save data as we move from scene to scene which would just become a management nightmare.
And so, the game manager saved our bacon again as we have 2 simple functions that allow you to save a JSON file into the Users Documents folder that takes a single array of data to output and read back in in less that 50 lines of code. The default pause menu has all the menu code built in and all the hooks that any game manager using the default script will be able to take advantage of.

Because of the game manager, it also simplified the whole process of exporting a game as before on Gen1, every time you wanted to export the game, you had to enter the game details, such as game name, window title, icon for the game and of course what scenes needed exported…. everytime you say.. what a pain! The game manager stores all this data into a single file that is loaded when a level is loaded allowing an infinite amount of levels and games to be exported by any number of game managers.

To make it easier, we also created a brand new Panel in the main editor for creating and managing your game manager files. You set the data up, save, then continue editing or export your game… super simples! XD

Game Manager Panel_ExportGamePanel

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Gen2 Interim release v0.9.8.12 + May recap

We have just released Gen2 private alpha version v0.9.8.12 to the commercial users who joined our program.

It features many new fixes and updates to several editors such as the Material Editor, GUI Editor and Path Editor.
This is called the interim release because we were upgrading the core renderer but we encountered some strange issues that we had to backtrack on. So this release is to get some of the changes out like the new multi dynamic property sheets per entity.

Here is the release log:

Now that this release is out, we can focus on getting the core renderer working again and get to the next update which will feature some really cool bits like point light shadows etc…

On another note we are very close for Gen2 becoming a public alpha so all users can try and work with the engine. This will still only be for the commercial users of skyline still.

Thanks for reading and have a great week! πŸ˜€

Skyline Gen2 – Terrain Development February 2017

Hello Fellow skyline game devs,

This time we have some great news about Gen2 and the new terrain system that is being developed. The past week has shot past but within it we managed to really shoot forward with the terrain system and managed to add a good portion of the features Gen1 had.


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Raising some money to get some assets for skyline!


We have thought long and hard about what we want skyline to be like for a new user and how it should work for them.
One of these things is having ready to use assets that the end user wont be restricted with and will be able to export their
game with the assets included.

With the new Game Object System, populating the system with assets that allow users to click and create scenes without much effort
and be able to export it to send to their friends or sell the game without having to deal with licensing the assets and setting them
up themselves.

We are in contact with a model company at the moment and are working towards a lucrative deal with them that will allow the users
of skyline to play, test and create their games without any major restrictions. We also have plans to get some contracted assets
that will be skyline’s very own and populate the asset store.
If we have more assets, then the asset store will be upgraded to match the rest of the engine and also link through to skyline for
purchasing and downloading assets easily.

And to top it off, with the looming steam release sometime this year, we want the engine to be as populated and complete yet easy to use
and fun to play with as fast as possible.

Here is the Go Fund Me page link:
Please click the image below to goto the page or click this link: GofundMe – Skyline Game engine – Asset Fund
Clipboard Image

If you want to donate through paypal instead, then click and follow this link:

Skyline Gen2 – Material Editor & PBR Overview

Hey guys,

Well, we have a treat for you today. Do you want to see the new material editor and PBR workflow for Gen2 Skyline?
It just so happens that we have created a spoken video taking you through the PBR workflow and the multiple workflows that can be used within the modern skyline renderer and create a few materials that showcase the featureset in its finest.

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What’s this…. Oh right…. we have internet!!!!

No more dark ages…….. some people from a modern civilisation known as engineers have transported us to a time where everyone seems to be connected in a world of wireless signals and radiation lol πŸ˜› So what does this all mean… Well, We finally have the internet again and it feels good!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

I must admit, being without internet or connection to the rest of the world has its privileges and leads a slower, less stressful life but it has many downsides especially when you are trying to create a software for the public that requires uploads and downloads and tech support to help our fellow users.

Originally we were meant to get the internet last friday, but we only received it last night (monday) around 6.30pm at night. As it goes, we ended up getting messed around by the company which they say it should be installed within 15 days and it took 26 days…. oh well. at least we finally have it haha πŸ˜›

All that remains is routing an ethernet cable up to the studio for a solid and fast connection on the main dev machines. I would say that should be all thats needed for us to be connected and develop as we were but i don’t want to jinx anything lol.

So, see you all on the forums in the next day or 2 :)

Quick Update – July 2016

Wow, its been so long since i wrote a blog letting everyone know how things are going with the development of the skyline game engine. As i sit in the baking summer heat of 36 degrees and sat in the top floor of our new house overlooking the fields with a minimal connection to the internet.. i think to myself… what has changed with skyline.

The answer, a lot…….

The new renderer has come leaps and bounds as we changed codebase which broke many ported features but after some time spent fixing these, we now have the start of a terrain system working with full PBR. It has a few bugs which make it not usable for public. Currently the editing features are being built as we can only generate a tile so far, but the framerate and shadows look amazing..

On top of this, gui is complete and the material editor is coming together and the engine itself is feeling more stable in the core.

We are awaiting our connection to the internet which should happen this friday with any luck and i can upload some pictures of where we are.

The current version of skyline is also being developed and fixed with a few users requests, once the internet is solid here, then we can look at another release to fix some of the other problems you are having.

To new users of the community and to those who have recently purchased and those that have been long standing users, we are sorry for the lack of appearance and we are doing our best. It isnt usually like this and will improve in the time to come :)

Enjoy the development on your projects πŸ˜€

Development Update – May 21st 2016

Hey, its been a while since we wrote a blog for you guys and we just want to keep you informed of current developments and how things are going.

Well, as some of you are aware, we are having to move house in a month which is very tough for us as it was the anniversary of our loved one we lost last year on the 18th May and we have an inquest no the 23rd of this month also. At the same time, our landlords decided they wanted to sell our home which means we have been frantically trying to find somewhere else to live in such a hard time.

By no means, does this mean skyline is not getting developed, but it does mean there is less time to work on it as there was before as we are out most days visiting houses, filling paperwork in and also dealing with the events of this month. One could say life has really kicked us in the backside this past year and we are trying our hardest to keep things moving.
However, having the support of our userbase is a huge thing to us and the support we get of you guys keeps us going each day. So thank you!

As for the main jobs of skyline at the moment. Hannah is filling up our greenlight page while i am integrating SteamWorks into the Skyline Game Engine, but recently it has been discovered by a few users that the End game that is exported through skyline is not as good as it can be.
This means i have switched tasks to now working on bugs and stability for the game exporter so certain users can release their levels to the public to really show off skyline which we are looking forward to.

Many things have been fixed and a release could be a week or 2 away now, so i wanted to show what things have been added, updated and fixed to keep you all up-to-date and to show that skyline is STILL DEVELOPING and we will not be stopped by anything! lol πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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Skyline Development Log : April 2016

Hey, We have had a request for a new blog on the development of the engine.

A lot of the engine is working again, but we are experiencing some strange errors and bugs which are taking some time to get fixed and working with the Ogre3D team to iron these out.

However, overall the engine is getting close for an alpha release. We have decided that when we release, both versions of skyline will be given out as certain sections of the new renderer are not as stable as they could be. We are still developing both versions the best we can to provide you with an engine that is working and an engine that is faster, some better visuals etc…

So this weeks work has seen the return of the mesh editor and the gui editor in the new renderer and navmesh is now underway. However, speaking with theΒ Ogre3D team, they have suggested rewrites on parts of the engine which use a slighly imcompatible feature. It isnt big work to replace, but does add a bit of time consuming.

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What a busy week!

Hey Friends,

What a busy week this has been which is why we haven’t been on the forums as much. At the time of writing, i am sat in our livingroom recovering from a wicked club night out in our local city which went on til 4am lol πŸ˜›

One of our family members had a birthday this week and we were taken to Drayton Manor in the UK which is a theme park where we went on thrill ride after thrill ride.

I mention these because we have been quite absent from the forums this week and we apologize if anyone needed anything urgently.

Since it is easter weekend, we are deciding to rest and enjoy some time with the family as we recover from the busy week and get ready to start afresh on the monday.

So thanks for everyone joining in recently and we will keep you all informed of progress when we get back to it :)

Happy Easter!


New Renderer Update – GUI Systems Restored

Just a quick update. We are still working hard getting this new renderer up and running and have finally restored the GUI systems for the console in the player and the system used for “ui.function()” in lua.

The main librocket system is now rendering in both GLSL and HLSL but only has an error on sliders in hlsl so far which i am spending a bit of time to look into :)

So its still going well and we are getting there with getting an alpha ready version but still have a few big tasks to tackle yet hehe πŸ˜›

Oh well, thanks for keeping up to date and reading.

Your Dev Team πŸ˜€

First: DX11 Rendering

DX11 Rendering

Second: OpenGL3+ Rendering


OpenGL3+ rendering

New Renderer Update March 2016

Hi, Its been a while since we last wrote a blog on the new renderer but we have been making some noise on the forum with screenshots and videos that you all may have seen already. If not they will be included in this blog.

I want to talk to you today of the realistic development time that has been taken up and will be taken up again by the new renderer upgrade. On one hand it all feels like its going really well with many major features back in the engine, and then there are those tasks which seem or feel impossible to get through. Terrain is one of them for me! It feels like every time we make a bit of headway on the upgrade from the old system, we are sent hurdling back miles due to something just not working.
There are a lot of cool features back in though like large amounts of assets, large numbers of lights, etc…

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Back to Development!

After our saturday incident of having a chimney fire, which was very close to losing everything apart from skyline source. We are now back to development, we have fixed what was damaged and cleaned all the mess up and have successfully resurrected both main Dev machines to full working order. So What’s happening next:

Well, Hannah(StarFire) is still pushing onwards with the mechanics and as for myself, i am still working on the port to the new renderer which as we said is going to take a little while to create and get the engine back to working order. This means i will be starting a new task on the older version of skyline and improving the Attach and Detach system to make it easier and its workflow a lot simpler. At the same time, we have plans for a few extra features in the same region.

Once we have done this, we will be looking at releasing a new version which will be V0.9.7 (Release 7). I just want to make it clear that this release will not be the upgraded renderer as it broke many features in the engine and all of them need upgraded and will take some time.

So, there we have it and our current plans. We would like to thank everyone who is still involved in the engine and thank you all for being patient in this currently slow feeling development cycle, which is not going slow; as there is loads being done. Just none of it can be showed or given to you all yet!

Keep it up everyone and Thanks for reading :)

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Skyline is now running with DX11

Hi Everyone,

We have got a small but great piece of news to share.
With today’s efforts, Skyline is up and running with DX11 despite missing many features and code as we have had to rip the engine to pieces to find the parts that can be upgraded to the new API code. Its taken 2 weeks to strip the code and convert to the newer Renderer version but we have successfully got the first renders in the scene using DX11!!!!!!!!!

Already we have shadows working using PSSM, which offer a much better resolution shadow and one that does not distort when the camera looks up or down creating a cleaner render of the scene.
This blog is simply to keep you all informed of the progress so far and there is not really much we can show atm until we get the main asset import pipeline working again in which we will be showcasing the new Physically based rendering by creating a set of materials that look … well.. physically real lol πŸ˜›

Its a slow job, but we are heading towards the end goal we are all wishing for.

StarFire is still working on the version of skyline you are all running improving the Visual Modules and developing the Game Object Toolbox which is designed to get the mechanics for many games quickly and easily with a high level of customization using the dynamic Properties.

Ok enjoy your developments and see you all next time.

Happy New Year!

Hello fellow Skyline Developers.

We hope you enjoyed the holiday festive season as we certainly have. Its been good to take a break, relax enjoy the festivities and think how the next year of skyline is going to go, which there is a lot to do this year.

One of our starting jobs is upgrading the renderer to DX11, OpenGL 3+ and adding new HDR pipelines with PBR(Physically based rendering) and IBL. This change however is massive and is going to take some time and we will be updating the current version of the engine at the same time to keep new features going out for you all to play with.

Over the holidays, we have played games such The Witcher 3, Dragon Age: Inquisition and have been looking at levels of rendering and we have taken note of a few things to enhance our current outdoor visuals to make skyline look better.

On top of this, we still have work like networking, lightmapping, Android, scene editing & grouping etc… and much more to create a complete toolset, but with the support of all our community, i am sure we will get there.

Networking has took a backseat yet again due to more important tasks, but this does not stop games being made using this feature until it is ready as there are many aspects to all games that need worked on and covered.

Lightmapping has been looked into, but we will be building this into the new rendering system instead of the current one, but in itself it is a large task.

There is a lot of research to do on all these modern rendering techniques and we have sifted through many a website and white papers to understand the complexities of these systems.

Anyway, Its good to start the year with a new blog and we wish you all a Happy new year and hope that all your projects go smoothly and that everyone can spread the word about skyline to bring more users and supporters :)

Thanks again πŸ˜€

Skyline Game Engine V0.9.7.2 Release 2 Out Now!

What a couple of weeks it has been since the last update. We have created a full VR Demo using skyline and exported for you all to try and we have also just released a new version of skyline tagged with V0.9.7.2 that has many fixes over the last release and we have many new features as well :)

So what have we fixed then; well, we encountered many of the bugs you users have encountered over the past weeks when developing this game and really gone to town fixing them.
This means the Duplicate bug is now fixed as well as the move bug which acted similar and we also fixed many others which you can find the changelog here: V0.9.7 Full Changelog

When the auto update was released, we did have a few problems getting it upgrade and there is a forum post dedicated to this:
V0.9.7.2 Forum Release

We have improved many features but on top of this, we have the major news of announcing:

OSVR is now integrated into the Skyline Game Engine!

You can make beautiful immersive games for anyone who owns an OSVR HDK which are available now:

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New V0-9-7 Release and moving on development

I decided to write a new blog to talk about the new V0-9-7 release and what this entails for future development. This blog is a couple of days out from the release but we have had to take a couple of days out for a famity member that went into hospital, but they are fine now :)

So We have already seen about the Visual modules and the SceneEntityCount(catch up here: visual mechanics in v0.9.7), but we have not talked about the new update system and the way we want to handle releases for the future. Up to this point we have been releasing large changelogs after multiple weeks with a new version of skyline which may at times feel like it takes a long time to get a release. It also makes people wunder whether the development of the engine has slowed down or not. What i can say is that we are always developing skyline and are probably pushing harder than ever when it comes to times like this where the release does not happen for multiple weeks.

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Chimney Stacks and Studio Renovation

We may not be 100% on the forums over the next 2-3 days as the studio chimney is being redone as it is falling down inside and with the impending winter which the news says could be a cold one, we want to have a working fire again. This means we had to strip the entire studio of all equipment and tables, oh what fun lol πŸ˜› We have updated the laptops with latest builds of skyline and will find time to continue development and answer forum posts.

While we have the room pulled apart, we will be redoing the room to become more arty, creative and clearner by being less cluttered from years of game dev, wires for audio and everything else lol πŸ˜‰ We feel to have a room which is creative will create the work to be more creative.

Back to development

Well new blog on a new day! Since it was StarFire’s birthday on Sunday, we decided to take a little bit of time to enjoy ourselves and then some time to recover from those good times lol πŸ˜› It was a well needed break while we have been developing skyline flat out, but we are now going to get back to it and try and finish up this release.

Currently i myself am adding in a JSON implementation that will be easy to write simple human readable text files, perhaps this system would be good for inventory data, save files for your games and anything else you crazy devs can come up with. :) In between this, i am integrating OSVR into a seperate build as we now have our own OSVR HDK’s which we will be blogging about soon. So stay up to date with latest news for that one. There are also many problems users are having and we are working along side some of them to try and fix their problems.

StarFire is focusing on the new Game Mechanics editor trying to add the last needed feature for the release and at the same time is developing new mechanics for all you cool folks!

Over the past couple of weeks, there have been some mechanics and scripts go up on the store, so we would like to see much more content generated for the store even though it is long overdue for a gfx overhaul. But we say keep it up everyone and to ourselves and skyline will start to become a bit of a monster engine πŸ˜€

Thanks again and keep developing :)

Free Version Installer Update

Hey all Skyline Developers and new users that have yet to try skyline.

Over the past few days, i have been working closely with one of our special users by name of TattieBoJangle who really helped us as he created a brand new installer for skyline that is superseding all installers we are currently using. Many people were downloading skyline and failing to get a successful download.

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Development Blog – Completed SceneEntity limits (with code)

Well after many countless hours facing the beast at skyline’s core, i have managed to tame and retrieve all stability back in the land. Really lol, what we mean by this is that we now have a fully working and tested sceneEntity unlimited(over 10,000,000 allowed) count that will be available in the next Skyline Release for the commercial version.

As i mentioned in a previous blog, skyline was limited to only 1000 sceneEntities in the free version and 4000 sceneEntities to the commercial version due to memory limitations running out if the number was too high. Now you have many(unlimited for commercial) amount of sceneEntities at your disposal to create your modular scenes.

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New Skyline Release V0.9.6 – auto update

Well after many weeks of pain and finally getting back into development, we have the new release which features the new material system and particle system which have both been rewritten.
We have also added a new prepare folder for skyline option that speeds up the asset importing pipeline many times over.

See the changelog here: Skyline V0.9.6 Release notes

and visit earlier blog posts for the rewrite developments.

Thanks again for using skyline and we hope you upgrade to this new version and continue to support us :)

Development – Rewriting the material system – 03 Final

Well, i have finally managed to get around to writing this blog of the final installation on rewriting the material system for skyline which there is much too talk about from texture drag and drop to baking or sharing materials and quite a bit more.

To get started, there are a number of features i would like to cover with you that have been implemented into the system or written from scratch.

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Skyline Game Showcase – RC Helicopter WIP 01

This time we haven’t got a development feature to show you, but we do have the very first game showcase.

The game’s current development name is “RC Helicopter”. RC stands for Radio controlled. We know this isn’t radio controlled but the craft modeled is alike to a real RC heli version.

What the idea of this project is to create a level where you have to fly through a certain amount of pickups in a certain amount of time which would be the flight time of an RC Helicopter’s battery life. If you have ever flown one in real life, then you will know that they usually last around 5 minutes.

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Development – Rewriting the material system 02

With our internet crisis seeming to be resolved, I have decided to write another blog on the development of the new material system which we are rewriting due to the old one being to hard to use. Please read the first blog post to get an idea of the new system design here

In this update, we have very good news on the development as we now have what looks to be a usable system. By this, i don’t mean that it is usable by an end user such as yourself but more-so usable by us developers which signifies this system is worth completing and developing further. We call it a prototype.

The system now allows for any sub material to be changed simply by dragging and dropping the material of choice from the asset manager onto the submesh slot.
This then changes the “Material Sub Data” property to store what material is assigned to what submesh as all the “Material” button does now is opens the new panel which displays all the sub materials associated with the sceneEntity.

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Slow Internet…..

So, we have got a couple of blog posts to write up, some with a video but our internet speed has been crippled as we have a “major service outage” as said by BT(our ISP).
With some luck, we hope to have it back online by thursday.. we hope lol.
Just wanted to keep all you readers up to date :)

As for development, the particle system is coming a long way and the material system rewrite is starting to look promising.

Till next time then… happy developing.

Development – Rewriting the material system 01

Another day and another blog on the development of skyline.

We have decided after working closely with our users that the current material system is not efficient enough and requires too much work in order to get your assets into skyline and ready to use in the game. This is caused by material files containing multiple materials inside them which ends up with duplicate resources when sharing meshes with the same material names.

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Aurasoft UK (Skyline Game Engine) are official partners with OSVR

Over the past few months we have been in contact with the VR industry driven open source initiative known as OSVR to integrate their technology into the Skyline Game Engine to enable their new product called the Hacker Dev Kit(HDK available in July 2015) and all other HMD’s in their supporter network to be compatible with Skyline to create fully immersive 3D gamesΒ & applications.

What is very interesting is that most hardware that supports OSVR will also be compatible with Skyline. This also works the other way around where the content developers supporting OSVR have another technological avenue to support their software development.

To further the interests of VR and Game Development, Aurasoft UK is now an OSVR Partner.

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