March Recap – Steam Green Light, Terrain and more

We are proud to announce that the Steam Green Light campaign has been successful and we are now greenlit and ready to proceed with setting the engine up to go on the steam store. We were also greenlit in only 8 days which in our minds is an impressive time to be greenlit in. This has been a great milestone for the development and after years of hard work and listening to the community want and needs, we pride ourselves on getting constructive feed back from our community that is helping for us to develop the engine for the development community as a whole.

Now that we are Greenlit we have set a date for the Steam release to be Mid-Late 2017(more to come on this), this will give us time to get all of the features back into Gen2 that we had in the 1st generation and create a stable platform for game development and more.

Steam greenlight link:

Clipboard Image (1)

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Gen2 Release Private Alpha – v

GUI Editor Return’s

The functionality of the second generation of Skyline is returning in leaps and bounds as we see the return of the GUI editor (featured image) with new and improved features that make it easier then ever to create graphical interfaces, HUD’s and more.

The GUI editors now includes the dragging of modules into the editor that increases the efficiency of the work flow even if you are new to HTML and CSS.

When you first open the GUI editor make sure to create a new document “GUI Editor > Main menu > File > New GUI”, it creates a .rml, .rcss.

In addition to the GUI editor we have the new game objects system that makes creating your scenes not only quicker but efficiently allowing you to place your level content.


The Game Objects System

New Level Tools

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Gen2 – Development Update (21st January 2017)

It has been a while since the last blog post with none stop work and late nights to get the second generation of Skyline bugs fixed  before the Christmas holidays.

Since Skyline Generation 2 went into private alpha and there have been many bug sessions and most of them have been worked out and we are getting very positive feedback from our commercial indie users.


Here are the highlights of what has been going on behind the scene:

  • Skyline Generation 2 in Private Alpha.
  • Terrain System
  • Script Editor
  • New game object system & new level design tools
  • Customer Service
  • Steam GreanLight
  • API Server
  • Documentation

Second generation of Skyline Game Engine

Gen2 Logo

We have been overwhelmed with the positive feedback form our commercial indie users, the features of the PBR (Physically Based Rendering system) and with other features the 2nd generation brings to the table.

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New Skyline Development Blog – The Written Journey Begins


Hi Friends we have decided after a few community requests to set up a development blog to post our current tasks and musings.

If we come across any interesting technology or art information that would be of use with game tech or it just floats our boat we will write about it here. So basically anything from game development to art and imagery, well that is the plan and you know what they say about the “best laid plans etc….” lol

We decided to go for the blog route rather than posting to the forums (here: Skyline Forums) as it enables users to browse any previous articles and we think it will be more time effective for us.